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Keep our local races going, become a sponsor! By sponsoring Highlander Assault events you open up a tremendous opportunity for business contacts and customers! With over 1000 in race attendance through out the  year and thousands of followers, you have nothing to lose than the opportunity. Join the Battle Now! 

Customized Sponsorships also available.



He has a beard. He builds all the OCR things.

His name is Aaron. His beloved wife Dana and he ran their first OCR, a Spartan Sprint, in 2016. That was it...they were hooked. The shenanigans got real after that, as they went and spent entirely too much money doing races and traveling around the country to play in the mud and climb things. They also realized how hard it was to get better at obstacles if they did not have ways to practice regularly. As the handy guy at the house, Aaron began to put his skills to work. Nooooo, not fixing the toilet or doing lame things off the honey-do list, but building obstacles. 8 foot walls. 6 foot walls. Traverse walls. Rope climbs. Spears. Monkey bars. Eventually he moved on to more epic things, like Olympus and Twister, even building an entire rig for the house that they ended up tearing down and taking to a local OCR. Everyone was always talking about coming by the house and visiting so that they could play on their adult-approved playground. Out of that, Race Ready Obstacles LLC was born. They know you need to practice to get good, and what better way than to have your own gear to make that happen? Got ideas for something you want? They want to hear them. Check out what they offer below, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see what Aaron is coming up with next! Race Ready Obstacles is a Veteran owned business located in the Northern Illinois/ Southern Wisconsin area and everything they make is built right here in the USA!

OCR goodness, designed and built by OCR junkies.

"BE READY ON RACE DAY!"  For more information click on the Race Ready Obstacles logo on this page!

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Berserker Brew Coffee was created with one purpose: to give high quality coffee back to the coffee lovers of the world. The coffee had to be Organic. USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Not marketing Organic where big signs outside a coffee shop declare “organic.” Only 5% of the world’s coffee is truly organic. YET, many coffee shops and roasters claim their coffee is Organic. While some aspect of the coffee bean or roasting process may be organic, there is no guarantee that it is produced without genetic engineering or chemical processing. Coffee is among the MOST pesticided crop on the planet with upwards of 42 pesticides used. Coffee beans naturally grow on bushes in the shade, but to increase production and profit, corporate coffee engineers clear huge areas of rainforest and coat the beans with pesticides (up to 250 lbs/acre) to grow more quickly.

Engineered for Athletes?

The NUMBER ONE QUESTION asked is “how is this coffee Engineered for Athletes?” Let me explain: All Berserker Brew Coffee blends are created with one goal: to be so smooth and flavorful that ANYONE can enjoy a cup of coffee without SUGAR or FAT added. No empty calories, no chemicals, no added sugar. Berserker Brew Coffee is “Engineered for Athletes” or anyone trying to cut sugar and fat and maintain a cleaner diet.

You can drink this coffee and ENJOY it and still maintain your diet, macros, fasting, or just your desire to get rid of the one thing that is the killer of humans: SUGAR. One Teaspoon of white sugar weighs 0.017 lbs. If you use just ONE teaspoon per day for a year that’s 6.2 POUNDS of sugar a year. GOOD COFFEE doesn’t need sugar!

Do you have to be an athlete to enjoy Berserker Brew Coffee? NOT AT ALL!  Anyone who loves coffee and strives for a healthier lifestyle will love any of the Berserker Brew Coffee blends.

We sold our first pound of coffee in September of 2017 and now we have customers in 41 US states and our coffee is enjoyed by US military men and women serving overseas.


TLSmith Consulting Inc. specializes in architectural technology and research, with an emphasis on roof systems. Its founder, Thomas Lee Smith, is a sole practitioner - when you commission TLSmith Consulting Inc. to work for you, all of your work will be performed by an internationally recognized roof consultant.

Mr. Smith is familiar with all commonly used low- and steep-slope roofing systems. He has a strong theoretical understanding and practical experience with the many materials, systems and issues associated with roof performance. In particular, he is recognized for his expertise related to wind performance of roof systems.

Clients include federal and state government agencies, architects/engineers, contractors, manufacturers, insurance companies, attorneys, school districts, and the National Roofing Contractors Association.

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Duck a Diet a ready to eat meal prep service that provides a deliciously fresh ready to eat meal without the hassle! Duck A Diet will work with you to provide a healthy lifestyle change by providing a sustainable meal plan consisting of real ingredients and superfoods. Stop by and meet Andres on race day. Check them out now at



Duck A Diet is a Local Business Partner located in Huntley Illinois


Located 4813 W. Crystal Lake Rd. Unit B in McHenry, the studio offers everything from saunas, massage, and salt rooms to oxygen bars, body sculpting and facials! Check out more information at:

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