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Do I save more money if I sign up early?

Answer: Yes, there are four price increases prior to the event, signing up early can say you 25%-45% on race fees.

How do Highlander Assault prices compare to other obstacle races?

Answer: Highlander Assault wants everyone to be able to experience our event. We keep our prices lower and our race day prices are $30-$75 less than our competitors.

Are there any hidden fees?

Answer: Along with our fee, racers do pay a small fee (usually less than $15 for the registration company processing fee. You will also be allowed to sign up for an optional race insurance through the registration company to cover unforeseen cases where you will not be able to attend.

Does Highlander Assault offer refunds?

Answer: No, Highlander Assault does not offer refunds, as when you sign up, Highlander has to order your shirts, medals, bibs, insurance, and other race day items per racer. You will have the option to transfer your entry to another racer for a small fee if you can not attend.

Is there a fee for parking?

Answer: There is a $10 fee from the property owner for parking per vehicle.

Is there a bag check?

Answer: Yes, you can check your bag for $5 by purchasing the bag check option at registration or paying in cash on race day.

Are there showers at the event?

Answer: Yes, We have a hose off station right next to the village area.

Will there be food options at the event?

Answer: Yes, We will have at least one food truck and coffee tent offering food options, there may be sponsors providing samples on-site as well.

Is there camping at the event?

Answer: Yes, You can camp overnight for $30 which can be purchased during registration or for cash on race day. 

If I am not camping overnight, may I still bring a tent for the day as I plan on running all day?

Answer: Yes, You may bring a tent no bigger than 10' by 10' for the event but it must be removed at the conclusion of the Dark Ages Night race, only those with a camping tag will be permitted to stay. 

Can I drive away from the venue in between events and not be charged for parking when I come back?

Answer: Yes, all vehicles will receive a parking pass.

Can I volunteer and race the same day?

Answer: Yes, you have to volunteer first to receive your race voucher, then you can jump into any heat. If you race later in the day and no more heats are available you may use your voucher for the Family Frenzy or Dark Ages that same day or use it for a future event.

If I join a race team and their heat fills up can I still run with them?

Answer: Yes, You just sign up for the next available heat and just jump into your team heat.

Is there an age limit?

Answer: Yes, To run Highlander Assault or Dark Ages, you must be 11 years of age. Those 11-12 must be accompanied by an adult. For the Family Frenzy race there is no age restriction.

Do I have to complete all of the obstacles?

Answer: Only the competitive Elite and Endurance heats are required to completed all obstacles. Open heat racers we just ask that you attempt them, but you are permitted to skip obstacles if necessary.

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